Consulting with Mary Nisi

I'd love to get all up in your lady business...

Since founding Toast & Jam DJs in 2005, I've learned a thing or two [million] about how to stand out in crowded markets, treat customers like royalty, grow and scale responsibly, and hire the best people - and keep them happy. 

Now, I want to pass these best practices onto you. 

If you're a whole-assed provider, who is passionate about what you do and is giddy/terrified for the next level, I'm ready to take you by the hand and help you figure things the eff out.

It's not about motivation - it's about action. I want you making better money and having a way better time ASAP.


more money without more problems

here's how we'll grow your service-based business

So - here's how we'll do it...

I figure out where you are at in the scaling process, how you want to do it and show you where to invest to make it successful. We will work together in a 1:1 capacity where our time together will be strategic and supportive as well as provide space for you to implement for yourself and with your team.

when we'll do it...

  • 3 month agreement
  • 1- 90 min initial call
  • 5- 1 hour 1:1 bi weekly session
  • Unlimited chat/voice messaging via Voxer in between sessions

and some options for what we'll do...

Auditing your:

    •  website to make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table, as well as it is diverse and inclusive
    • intake process
    • client journey and the correspondence strategy
    • contracts to ensure you and your employees are protected 


  • Ensuring you have ownership of their content and multiple platforms of marketing
  • Guiding you on how to categorize employees and put them in the right place of leadership
  • Identifing who their ideal client is as well as their ideal employee as well as how to find both and how to treat them

Every engagment is fully customized for your business and needs.

3-month engagements are $2450. 

In order to make sure we're a perfect fit, I require a virtual coffee before we start! This will allow me to answer all your questions, maximize our time and your investment, and get you growing before you spend a dime.

There's no obligation to sign up for consulting, but you are required to have a damn good time.

so, will you grant me the pleasure of 30 minutes of your time?

click the button below to book your virtual coffee

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