Need a high-energy, jam-packed unforgettable keynote or workshop? Look no further than Mary Nisi.

Following a successful, decade-long run in improv comedy, Mary Nisi made her foray into entrepreneurship when she founded Toast & Jam DJs in 2005. With over 25 DJs, they do over 700 events a year. Since then, the company has provided the soundtrack to thousands of weddings and events—including a birthday party for Barack Obama.

When she’s not tending to one of her businesses, you can find Mary consulting and hosting workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs in various industries. Her latest venture, The Toast & Jam Lab, is a comprehensive online course for mobile DJs looking to transform their business into a thriving empire.


Mary fills the rest of her time with a weekly DJing stint on long-standing local indie station CHIRP Radio (she is a founding member); beekeeping in her Chicago backyard; and bicycling around the neighborhood with her husband, John, and son Sebastian.

Mary's Favorite Topics

The Customer Is Sometimes Wrong

Have you ever been knee deep in client drama and wondered how you got here and how you can avoid it? In this talk, DJ and Serial Entrepreneur Mary Nisi will show you that the customer is sometimes wrong and how to set the boundaries that keep the wrong ones at bay. She will also help you Identify consistent processes and
procedures to help you serve that client. She will also show that it is important to play well in the sandbox with your fellow vendors to create an inclusive and supportive network to refer out to OR for someone to lean on when you need help yourself. 

CTRL F: Find and Replace Your Blindspots

Diversity and inclusion is not being talked about in the DJ industry. Some people may find it boring or not even something they need to think about  which is causing them business not only from clients but also creating an environment where their hire from pool is limited. Others find it overwhelming and that they have to start everything over from scratch or need to hire an expert right away. It's the little things you do that make the biggest difference. Things as little as changing your verbiage in your website, your ads, your job description as well as where you post them can create a more diverse clientele as well as a culture that can bring in more money- more reach, more money. Who doesn't love that?

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We hired Mary to be the keynote speaker for a regional wedding professional learning summit.
Her energy is infectious. She radiates fun and delivers some hard hitting knowledge on business structure and strategy.
I got more requests for her contact info after the conference than ALL of our other presenters combined! She is absolutely amazing. She was hands down the highlight of our conference. Edgy, snarky, smart and motivating!
- Anthony S.

Mary's fresh perspective is exactly what I needed in order to propel my business forward. Her out-of-the-box thinking and no-nonsense approach to life and business is a welcome change in a field of empty promises of instant results. Can't recommend highly enough!

Meg M.

Mary Nisi has been a guest speaker for my special events class and for the Chicago chapter of NACE. She is a delightful speaker that really engages her audience. Her expertise in events and sustainable practices lends to a great discussion.  I would highly recommend Mary to speak at your next event!”

Misse D.

“I first started working with Mary when all I had were dreams. Overwhelmed and intimidated by the processes involved in all things business; Mary helped me scale my wild ideas into small actionable steps, resulting in 3 new facets of my business this year alone.

Katie T.

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